lightning_in_sydneyBy Claire

People who are interested in earth sciences can usually point to something in particular that captured their attention- something that drew them to earth sciences and to understanding more about how our planet works.

I have always loved weather. Growing up in Sydney, I would get stupidly excited every time there was a thunderstorm. I absolutely love them! Mum and I would go outside and watch the lightning from our back porch, until the storm got too close and we quickly escaped back inside. I would often turn off all the lights in the room I was in and just watch the flashes of lightning. The scarier the better.

My fascination with weather lead me to do my undergraduate degree in atmospheric science. I love learning about how weather is formed and simply just observing it. Learning how to read weather maps was fascinating to me, and I still regularly check out the weather maps on the Bureau of Meteorology website to see what weather is in store over the coming week.

This video of a developing super storm captures beautifully the awe that I feel in the face of weather events. I could watch them for hours.

What is it about earth sciences that draws you in?