By Nick

There’s a plethora of climate change websites out there and sometimes it feels like the market may have reached a bit of saturation. So much discussion, so much arguing, so much opinion. Want to get some juicy facts instead, learn about the climate system from the experts, and then make up your own mind. Go on: try Climatica.

Climatica is a new website, co-founded by a good friend of mine, another postgraduate earth scientist from back home in the UK*. What’s different about this site? The articles aren’t written by journalists, or even well-meaning bloggers attempting to cover as broad a field as possible. Each article is written by an expert, a world renowned scientist in the field of what they are writing about. Accurate information about the world’s climate – now there’s a refreshing change of pace.

*not strictly true, he has now finished his PhD, and he claims not to be a geologist, he likes to call himself a “quaternarist” – I guess that’s what you get from doing a geography degree. But he drinks lots of beer, has an impressive beard and researches ice streams in the past – which seems like a damn good impression of a geologist to me.