By Thomas

Confused by the headline of this post? Don’t be! Just read on, it will become clear in a second.

About a month ago, I took over the administration of this blog from Claire, who did an excellent job on this over the last year or so. My main task is to put the posts on the blog and make sure that we reach the goal of at least one post per week (by persuading1 people to write a post).

To get familiar with the blog and find out about the different administrative tools at hand I used the classical “Try-and-Error-by-Clicking-on-every-possible-Button” approach. This led me to the “Stats” site that records for the blog. There you can see, for example the views by country (Fig. 1), that we currently have 500-700 views per week or that November 2012 was the month with the most visits (8,834) in the history of the blog.

Fig. 1: Views by country for the oncirculation blog from 25.02.2012 to 07.05.2014. Australia clearly leads (surprise!) with 46,601 views ahead of the US (30,652) and the UK (7,674).

However, the most interesting part of the “Stats” site is the one that shows you the search terms that people used to end up on the blog. And now you can probably already guess how that headline of this post came to life: By combining popular search terms that lead people to our blog.

It is not too surprising that search terms like “climate change” (Nr. 1; 2,331 views), “simple water cycle models” (Nr. 3; 696 views), “wind turbines” (Nr. 4; 547 views), “great pacific garbage patch” (Nr. 6; 403 views) and “driest place on earth” (Nr. 12; 184 views) refer people to this site, considering what the bloggers write about here.

On the other hand, terms like “inuit” (Nr. 2; 1,307 views) and “dentist” (Nr. 7; 376 views) are a bit puzzling at first. Having a look at the archive of the blog, which contains posts like “An Inuit view on Arctic climate change” and “Why giving a presentation is like going to the dentist” solves the mystery though.

Probably most of the people, that used these search terms, didn`t originally intend to end up on this blog (or a science blog for that matter). Especially in the latter case. I picture 376 persons out there, who typed (with agony in their mouth) “dentist” into their preferred search engine, clicked on a link and thought “WTF!!!”. But maybe some of them read the article while they were waiting for the appointment with their dentist?

So if you plan to write a blog post2, get creative when it comes to the use of words, especially in the heading.

And to close this post, a little list of weird and funny search terms that lead people here:

“why is it so windy” (52 views)

“rock licker” (18 views)

“the end of the world 2012” (15 views)

“why is it so windy today” (15 views)

“slave driver” (11 views)

“dart miss” (10 views)

“cheese” (9 views)

“largest kangaroo ever” (9 views)

“why all the weird weather” (9 views)

“diatoms from space” (8 views) … sounds like an awesome Trash-Movie-Title

“epic fail” (6 views)

“two bunnies gif” (6 views)

And one search term that should lead much more often to this site:

“great earth science blogs” (views 7) 😉


1 Read: … begging …

2 If you are a student at RSES, then YES, you definitly plan on doing that!