In this series we present fictive “News Articles” which some of us wrote when participating in a Science Communication Workshop at ANU. If you want to know more about the Why and How, please see this post here.

While the projects described are PhD projects that are on the way at RSES, the results (if they are described) in those “news articles” are by no means final and can be described from “That`s my current interpretation of my data that I came up with last night and I haven`t tested yet” to “Wishfull thinking”.

The aim of this series is to provide you with a glimpse of the diversity of ongoing Earth Science research at ANU, not to present final results.

And now, without further ado …




By Patrick

Researchers at an Australian university have developed a new technique which they hope will forever change the way we search for diamonds.

Current diamond exploration relies on poorly understood phenomena, but the advent of Mr. Goodarzi’s work will, it is hoped, clear up much confusion.

Patrick Goodarzi and colleagues made the breakthrough after years of laboratory work at the Australian National University’s Research School of Earth Science. The discovery was made using specialist apparatus which allowed them to make new rocks from scratch, in a way he describes as similar to making a cake. “We synthesize rocks by adding what we think to be the right ingredients, then bake them at very high pressures.”

“By replicating the conditions found within the Earth, we have been able to observe and control the conditions which stabilise diamond. Importantly, this can be related to the real world to provide key indicators of where diamonds may have been brought to Earth’s surface.”

Despite the work only recently being published, the findings are already making shockwaves in the scientific community. He adds “This is undoubtedly the most exciting research of our careers. We are proud to be advancing Australian industry, with ANU’s science at the fore-?‐front.”

Increased diamond production may become a reality sooner than we’d normally expect, with many high-profile companies already taking note. The effect on future diamond price is not clear, although many experts predict reductions to be minor.