Subtitle suggestion: The one with the kraken (Editor’s Note: Wrong franchise!)

By Ingo

Pyrites of the Caribbean are fighting for the ANU 2014 Mixed Summer 9s Soccer Competition trophy. We are one football match away from the grand finals on Monday, 15th of December at Willows Oval. Though three key players are injured, Hannah – the optimistic team captain, is looking forward to this culmination of football competition!

Top row from left to right: Rose Manceau, Tarun Whan, Liane Loiselle, Hannah James, Ingo Stotz, Piers Koefoed, Mathieu Duval and Thomas Haber.
Bottom row from left to right: Patrick Carr, Tim Jones, Lizzie Ingham, Patrick Goodarzi, Oleg Koudashev and Jessica Amies.

Season Summary

Everything started on Monday the 20th of October with an impressive win against the “Bayern Neverlosen” for 4-3. With the third game the Pyrites of the Caribbean positioned themselves on top of the table and have remained there throughout the whole competition, winning most of the matches, except for two draws – unluckily.

However, not everything has been joy and fun. Pat – rock defender, midfielder and striker – was injured and the medical team gave him one game off. With intense physiotherapy he was back on – defending, assisting and shooting once again.

Star striker Lizzie was injured running through a forest leading up to the 6th encounter, missing out on three games. To overcome the absence of two of their best players, the team was supported by Paolo, Holly, James and Maureen for several games in the season.

New acquisitions during the season were Kate and Liane, brought in straight from the laboratory. Liane scored a goal during her second game – 35 meters away from goal, eyes closed, hitting the ball with her knee leaving the goal keeper astonished.

Best player of the Universe

If we are to talk about the biggest impact in terms of best player – measured from start to finish – look no further than blue sensation Pat Carr. For the most part injury-free, the 24-year-old excelled under ultra-fan James Tolleys watchful gaze, serving up four goals, seven assists and countless saves during the competition, before capping off one of his finest campaigns to date last Monday – perhaps even his best.

Patrick Carr

Quotes of the season

Man on!” and “Clear it!” by Oleg, Pyrites of the Caribbean’s goal keeper.

End of season

The end of season is soon and although the team is in a bit of trouble with two players injured, Piers and Ingo, the medical team is working to get them fit and ready for the grand finale. And two more are leaving for holidays, Tim and Thomas. Luckily, there are enough players to make two teams!

The Pyrites of the Caribbean have been undefeated throughout the whole competition and they’re determined to keep it that way.

Last regular game of the season will be played on Monday at 6 pm, followed by the grand finals at 8:30 pm. Everybody is welcome to watch and, being the last day of competition, we could use your support!

In related news – another interesting event to look forward to is the annual football match between the students and staff of the Research School of Earth Sciences. After the summer competition, the students are more than ready to compete against their supervisors and RSES staff members! The encounter will be held next year, in March. Be ready to take the challenge!