By Thomas

I´m sure most of you have already seen this movie in the last few weeks, but as we have Christmas, I thought I refer to it for those of you who haven´t seen it yet1:

Why do I think this is a fitting short movie for Christmas?

Well, some 2000 years ago, three guys followed a star to find the birthplace of the saviour of human kind – if you believe this kind of stories.

In the future, if human kind wants to be saved (from extinction) we will have to follow planets – not stars. And that´s what the video is about. Maybe, in another 2000 years, on a far off planet or moon in the outskirts of our solar system (or even another one), people will celebrate the day their ancestors left their home world “to sail forbidden seas”.

Going to other worlds – we´ve done it before:

The adventure to Earth´s silent companion might have eased our “everlasting itch” for now – I hope for not too long though.

But before we prepare for human kinds next big leap:

Frohe Weihnachten to all of you!

1 Thanks to Pierrot for bringing the “Wanderers” movie to my attention.