By Thomas

This post is likely going to be my last one in a while. The reason for this is, that I’m now venturing in the final stage of my PhD and I have to focus on writing my thesis. Normally it takes a considerable amount of my time to write a blog post. So the only reason I might show up here in the next months would be if I just want to share an interesting read or if I want to let off some steam by writing down a rant in 30-X minutes.

But there is another reason: It is time for me to hand over the blog to the “next generation” of RSES student bloggers. I took over the blog at the beginning of April last year from Claire, and after nearly one year I think it is time for a change for the blog as well. Those of you who follow Oncirculation since its early days may remember that the blog started with a group of bloggers around founding mother Kelly. This group ensured that different views and especially the different fields represented at RSES found themselves on the blog.

Luckily, a group of PhD students came forward and wants to stir the course of the blog back into this direction. So instead of the “single editor + guest blogger” approach of the last two years, they will try to go back to a “multiple editors + guest bloggers” approach. This will not only widen the spectrum of the posts appearing on the blog, it will also raise their quantity:

“Good …” Well, you got it.

Good news everyone, the team set themselves the goal of 2 posts per week – so you`ll get a double dose of Oncirculation each week.

Over the course of the coming weeks every member of the new team will start to delight you with their posts. While Louise, Jo, Rose, Kelsie, Jess, Pat and Johanna are new to the blog, Eleanor and Jenn already wrote for it before (here and here). Some of the team see their role as bloggers themselves while others are going to stalk the corridors and offices of RSES to hunt down posts from the vast RSES student body (~120 PhD students) to ensure an even wider scope of the topics covered by the blog.

The teams sidekick will be Tanja, who already contributed many posts over the last year and who I can`t thank enough as without her I wouldn`t have been able to fill the blog every week.1 Why only the sidekick? Well, she forced me at gunpoint to sign a blood pact with satan stating that she never ever has to be disturbed with the administrative/editorial side of the blog as you can see the team is already big enough, and didn`t needed another administrator/editor at this point in time. I also want to thank Kate and Kelly who came up with several post over the year and everyone else who contributed.

I`m very excited about the future of the blog and I`m sure the new team will lead it to new heights (no pressure). Eleanor already made a good start with last weeks post about alternative founding possibilities for field works, which has of now been shared 52 on Facebook2, the by far highest ever “scored” number of any Oncirculation posts (as far as I know). Of course this would not have been possible without YOU – our readers. So please keep on sharing, liking, ranking and commenting. There is nothing more rewarding after you`ve put a lot of effort into a post, than to see that people stayed long enough after reading it to do any of those things. And also let us know if you spot anything where you think we need improvement or need to fix something.

Thanks for following us.

I had a great year with the blog, I hope you too.

Don`t know how to finish this post elegantly, so just …

Over and Out.

1 Seriously, if I couldn`t find any other person to write a post and my own head was empty, I asked Tanja and she would respond: “I`m pretty busy right now, but I might be able to write up something short this afternoon” …  30 minutes later I would have a 5 page post in my inbox.

2 As the highest I`ve ever got was somewhere in the mid-twenties I have to admid that I  would be jealous if I wouldn`t be so happy that the new era started with a “BANG”.