Warning: This post is procrastination in the form of a rant. Reading it counts as procrastination, so if you wish to work turn back. But you already started, eh? Yeah well, read on then…

Pretty much this.

I procrastinate a lot. There I said it. I’m still alive. I didn’t use to procrastinate so much back during my school years, or my bachelors/masters study years. I was one of those robot people who could work, and productively so, whenever I needed to. This quite frankly included a break-up of a very long term relationship towards the end of my masters studies and I still graduated with top grades and Vice-Chancellor’s award in my pocket. Yeah, I was crazy like that. A two-hour walk or a good dancing session was all I needed to vent anything life threw at me.

And then I changed – abruptly. When I say abruptly I mean this in the same way when we say that climate change is happening rapidly. It is happening before our very eyes on the scales of hundreds of years, rather than geological-million-year time scales. So if we say that I am now in my late twenties, it took me a couple of months to go from a workaholic, non-procrastinating freak to a procrastinating, on-top-of-every-internet-meme weirdo. What happened in those few months? I moved countries (around ~ 20 000 km worth of travel) and I started a PhD. I’m not exactly sure if the former had anything to do with my change (it had in some other ways) but the latter definitely did.

Personally I think it’s easy to procrastinate when you are doing a PhD. The whole thing is basically you working on something new no one else is working on (so you start all excited), meaning you have to learn a lot (still cool, but you’re getting confused by bajillion terms and whatnot), and then somehow implement that into what you wish to do (right, got it – let’s do this). Then you start doing this thing, right… in my case it’s programming a lot, in yours it might be lab work. And then what happens is my codes don’t really reproduce that famous result, or don’t really show that other thing, your samples might be all… if you will pardon my French… not good enough (you were hoping for some profanities, admit it).

And then some things start falling apart, you have to go around this idiotic, stupid, who-in-the-world-put-it-there obstacle… This takes heaps of your time and you haven’t even properly started doing what you want, you’re just f%**#$ing around (there we go) with trying to get the thing working at all.

Sounds familiar?

PhD most of the time.

Yes, I guess that’s what PhD is. In a way it’s supposed to be (maybe?) like that. I don’t know, but I do know it is super easy to start procrastinating like that – at least you’re doing something different! You don’t have exams so any deadline seems ages away, you’ve got time… until you suddenly don’t anymore and then you trade your soul to the devil in order to receive the power of not having to sleep at all. You want just a little break, just a tiny little peek at facebook … and then facebook has its once-in-never 15-minute long downtime and you start wondering whether they have finally banned you. You can’t even procrastinate in peace! Stupid facebook with its stupid banning… oh, no wait… here it’s back online, phew, I thought they were on to me.

Ever feel like this? Much procrastination with this feeling.

Memes! Funny memes everywhere! Hilarious people making fools out of themselves! Crazy charts that don’t show anything! An airline making safety video out of memes (seriously though)! PacMan on Google maps! Hiking on the weekend! Pigs flying! Stuff! More stuff!

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Was this post enough procrastination for you? I’m glad I helped, let’s get back to work now… Or tomorrow.