The world has a new Captain Planet and Planeteers. See your new world environmental saviors below:

Captain Planet: Eleanor Mare

Earth: Mike Jollands

Wind: Kelsie Long

Water: Kate Holland

Heart: Katie Harazin

Fire: Tim Jones

The winners of Student Conference, and an extra (Pete Tollan).

These candidates excelled amongst a tough and long list of highly qualified specialists in each field.

The Heart category, although once thought to be the most useless planeteer, was decided by the best cake baked by an applicant showcasing both their knowledge of science and good taste. Now they are arguably the most useful planeteer.

Judging the Heart category.
Some judges either couldn’t contain their excitement, or the excess food in their mouth.

Probably the most creative presentation came from Jennifer Wurtzel, who transposed her δ18O speleotherm record into a Cello piece.