Pat Carr & Bethany Ellis

*In memory of M.J. Jollands (2011-2015)

Cake Friday is an ancient and rich tradition carried out weekly at RSES but every year we come to together to remember the day Cake Friday was forgotten. For the unlearned I present you with an extract of the original constitution, dated at the turn of the 12th year of the 21st century (it is rumored that the only remaining copy of the constitution will soon be put on display in the RSES foyer in place of the William Smith Geology map):

“Whilst the exact origins of cake Friday [sic] remain unknown, recent research has suggested that it was initiated some time in early 2012. What is clear, however, is that it rapidly grew until it became the most widely talked about event of any given week in the RSES, surpassing even ‘surprise chocolate Wednesday’s’ and ‘Friday football’ after a matter of weeks. It appears appears to have been designed as an event which would not discriminate against people based on their race, religion or gender, using the omnipotent power of cake to bring down any stereotypes…”

Eventually this constitution goes on to an extensive list of rules “secured after countless interviews with participants, protagonists and onlookers”. Some highlights include (in the spirit of understanding, I have paraphrased most of these, and added points where necessary):

2. The cake must be nice.

10. The baker must select 2 ingredients from the controversially named ‘ingredients cup’ which must be incorporated into the cake.

11. Anyone attempting to buy a cake and/or disguise it as a home-made cake will be forever banished from cake Friday (Pat did this once).

13. Skittles/smarties/m&ms may be freely substituted for one another.

and to segue onto the point of this blog post;

12. “The day when there was no cake” (24 Oct 2014) shall forever be commemorated with annual memorial cakes on the nearest Friday.

A total of too many cakes were made for this celebration and for many it quickly became a chore to finish everything, whilst others rejoiced as they ‘hoovered’ up what remained.

To distinguish the good from the average from the horrible bakers, a panel of cake experts (a.k.a “Cexperts”) judged the entrants according to a number of characteristics including (winners include):

  • Best cake: Kate Holland (the woman who wins everything)
  • Best supporting cake (the best cake which was placed next to the best cake (see above)): Rachel Kirby
  • Booziest cake: Joëlle Ducommun-Dit-Verron
  • Best looking cake: Kathyrn Hayward
  • Most cake eaten: James Tolley

The following is a series of real life photos of the actual event. Do not proceed if hungry or allergic to photos of cake and/or people.

The “judges” sampling plates.