-by Louise Schoneveld

1. You are sold the final product

The Picture you are sold

You are sold the final image before you start your PhD. Lovely isn’t it. You’ll spend up to 4 years of your life sorting this out.

2. Start with a single piece

You start with the first piece. The first experiment. The first bit of data!

So many possibilities! Where could it go? What could it mean?

The first piece

3. Next comes the easiest bits

Start with the easy bits

4. You often get fixated with one little piece

The First Piece
one little piece

…  and forget about the big picture

5. You get so frustrated you try and force it together

forcing it

6. You sometimes can fit together a few piece but can’t find where it fits in the “big picture”


7. Near the end is the hardest. Trying to fill in the gaps


8. Its much more fun if you do it with friends




9. The end product sometimes looks a bit different than the box

The end product is finally revealed….

Magikarp, inspiration to all


Hey… It’s close enough. Congratulations you’ve done a PhD.

10. After all your hard work, you get something pretty to hang on your wall

Digital StillCamera