By Jess

So this morning I stumbled on this cartoon:


And it illustrated exactly what I feel like at the moment.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only PhD student feeling like this at the moment.

Keeping those plates up and spinning seems to take up every single minute of my time.

I guess the only thing missing is the ‘sufficient sleep’ plate which is precariously close to tipping and lying there smashed on the floor. Because where can I find more time when I can’t (or really don’t want to) give up time on anything else? If I sleep less I magically get a couple of extra hours in my day.

But as far as solutions go, taking time away from sleep has its limits.

Maybe all there is to do is just keep going and hope that we can keep all those remaining plates spinning until the end of our PhDs…

But does it stop there? Is it really going to get better with a postdoc? With any job? With kids?! I doubt it.

But hey, at least we are lucky enough to have these plates in our lives at all, regardless of how good we are at keeping them balanced.

And that’s it, no help or advice whatsoever. Sorry  🙂