photoName: Eleanor Mare

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Position: PhD Student, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University

Area of study: Experimental Petrology (that means “I do experiments to figure out how rocks form”).

What do I do? 

I study the atomic-scale structure of magma. I make magma in the lab, cool it down so quickly that it turns into glass, and then zap the glass with x-rays to see what’s inside it.

In sciencey words, my thesis is about pressure-induced coordination changes of trace elements in silicate melts and how the coordination affects the partitioning behaviour of those elements.

How did I get here?

I fell into geology by accident during the first year of my Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with Honours at Monash University. I ended up doing a minor in maths and a double major in geology. I did a research project in third year which gave me my first taste of doing “real research” and I was hooked, so I kept going for an honours year, and now I’m doing my PhD.

Where will I go?

I’d like to keep doing research, as I really enjoy it, and I feel like science just kind of ‘fits’ me, so I’ll be looking for a post-doc once I finish my thesis.