Name: Patrick “Pat” Carr

Position: PhD Student, Earth Chemistry, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University

Area of study: Geochemistry and geochronology

Project: Temporal and compositional evolution of magmatic-hydrothermal tin deposits.

What does that mean?

I’m developing two methods for dating cassiterite (SnO2) so we can understand the timescales of mineralising systems. This can then be complimented with more conventional dating methods (e.g. zircon U-Pb) to understand entire systems.
I’m also looking at and developing methods for tourmaline analysis. Tourmaline is known as the ‘garbage can mineral’ because it will incorporate about half the periodic table into its structure. It is thus a great record of compositional changes in fluids and melts.

How did I get here?

I did my undergraduate and Honours at Macquarie Uni. in Sydney. After that i moved to Brisbane, Queensland and worked for 2 years at the Geological Survey of Queensland, predominantly trying to understand the Thomson Orogen.

Where will I go?

To infinity….

Unless you’re offering me a job. Then i’ll be where you are.