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In April 2012, the 2011-2012 Economic Geology class spent two weeks touring around Southern Africa. We spent the first few days looking at the Vredefort Dome (a meteorite impact crater), before flying to Namibia to look at a variety of different mines. The mines ranged from very large-scale operations run by multinational corporations, to small mining operations with less than 5 people. The elements mined included: copper, gold, uranium, fluorine, tin, tungsten and tantalum, as well some gemstone mines. Other highlights included seeing the Namibian sand-sea (dunes), the roots of alkaline volcanoes, flood basalts and dinosaur footprints! After Namibia we flew back to South Africa to go underground in the Rustenburg platinum mines, before heading  back home.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about the trip from the students!

Click here to download our field trip guidebook (written by the tutors and the students).

Below are a couple of videos from our trip: